In our indoor play area, age-appropriate toys are made with non-toxic wood/paint, and safe plastics.

Our outdoor area is a lush, green landscape, stimulating the imagination and fostering an appreciation for nature. The area is also fenced and childproofed to keep little ones safe.

Below is our extended play area where we have circle time, as well as the diapering corner. Lots of tall windows keep the indoor play areas bright and inviting, letting the outdoors in.

Our daily menu is built upon healthy foods, with colors from all over the rainbow. Organic foods, as well as RBST-free dairy and pesticide-free produce keep our Seedlings safe from environmental toxins. We are sensitive to special diets and open to special requests.

This nature-inspired mural graces the wall at Seedlings. Little ones are encouraged to create their own murals on the chalkboard walls along the playroom.