Nature Preschool

Seedlings is proud to offer a unique and intimate Nature Preschool program to our Seedlings students. The program incorporates regular field trips to nearby Descanso Gardens into our play-based preschool days for a natural, sensory rich environment in which children can play, explore, learn and grow. Our play-based classroom emphasizes time spent outside to bring the advantages of outdoor education into the preschool experience. 

Studies show that children exposed to outdoor education programs:
 — Have better concentration and improved artistic and cognitive abilities.
 — Are less aggressive, and suffer fewer injuries due to accidents and falls.                                    — Suffer fewer colds and illnesses.

What is a Nature Preschool?

Seedlings Nature Preschool was inspired by the Wood Kindergartens of Europe, Waldorf philosophies, and our family's own love of the outdoors. 

Well before the term "Nature Deficit Disorder" was coined by auther Richard Louv (Last Child in the Woods, 2008), many parents and educators around the world intuitively understood the importance of nature and wildlife in a child's personal landscape. It is part of our philosophy that a child learns best and thrives in programs that incorporate the diverse and open-ended environment of the outdoors.

For more information about Wood Kindergartens and Last Child in the Woods, please visit the following links: